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Cat Water Fountain

Cat Water Fountain

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Elevate Your Cat's Hydration with the 2.2L Cat Water Fountain

Keeping your feline friend hydrated just got easier and more enjoyable with our 2.2L Cat Water Fountain. Designed to cater to the unique needs of your beloved cats, this water dispenser is not just functional but also intuitive and aesthetically pleasing.


Simple & Easy To Use

Ease of Maintenance

Cleaning and maintaining the Cat Water Fountain is a breeze. With its simple structure and quick disassembly/assembly, you can ensure a smooth inner wall free of scale. Keeping your pet's drinking water fresh and pure has never been easier.

Ample Capacity with a Clear View

Our cat water dispenser boasts a generous 2.2L capacity, ensuring that your cats always have access to fresh, clean water. Whether you're at home or on a long trip, this fountain provides an uninterrupted source of hydration. The transparent window offers a clear view, making it simple to monitor your pet's water consumption and ensuring you can always provide just what they need.

Whisper-Quiet Operation

Say goodbye to noisy water fountains that disrupt your home's tranquility. Our Electric Cat Drinker features a dual noise reduction design, ensuring it runs ultra-quietly. Even when the water level is low, it remains hushed and gentle, with less than 30dB of noise in professional lab tests. Your cats can enjoy their refreshments without disturbances.

Advanced Quadruple Filtration

We understand the importance of clean, pure water for your furry companions. Our Quadruple Filtration System includes:

  1. High-density Microporous Filter Screen: Capturing particle impurities and floating hairs.

  2. Coconut Shell Activated Carbon: Eliminating residual chlorine, microorganisms, and odors.

  3. Maifanshi Mineral Stone: Dissolving essential trace elements, adsorbing metals, and softening water, enhancing its taste.

  4. High-density Microporous Filter Screen: Filtering out fine impurities, like dust from the surrounding air.

Enticing Circulating Water

Cats are naturally drawn to the gentle flow of circulating water. Our fountain stimulates their interest in drinking, encouraging healthy hydration habits. No more worries about your cats not drinking enough – this fountain effectively increases their daily water intake.

Package Includes:

  • Cat Water Dispenser x 1

  • Anti-bite USB Cable x 1


Designed for plug-in use, this fountain eliminates concerns about running out of power. The thickened anti-bite connecting wires protect against damage from curious pets.

Elevate your cat's daily routine with the 2.2L Cat Water Fountain – where convenience meets health and happiness. Ensure your feline friends stay hydrated, refreshed, and delighted every day.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Vivienne Leffler

It's great. Silent and my cats adapted pretty fast. I recommend

Hillard Zieme

Very good and efficient, my cats loved it.

Johnathan Cartwright

It's great!!! The goods arrived very quickly!!! Recommend!!!!

Samara Buckridge

Cat Water Fountain

Jessika Cassin

Very perfect the water tank is large enough and comes with an ambient light, which the cat really likes. The frequency of drinking water has significantly increased. The sound is very low I recommend it