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Do you want to keep your cats entertained without having to deal with scratched walls or furniture?

Introducing the Catcordion™ - the ultimate interactive toy for your feline friends. The Catcordion™ is a scratchboard-like cat toy with a unique twist! It's a flexible and extendable accordion-like structure with ends that magnetically connect to form a donut! In its donut form, the Catcordion™ can be stretched, inverted, flipped - the possibilities are endless.

Here How The Catcordion™ Will Change Your Life!

 ENDLESS ENTERTAINMENT (HOURS OF PLAY & EXERCISE): Keep your cats of all ages entertained for a long time! Use the Catcordion™ as a play wheel, roller, or even sensory bed for your cat. Get 2 or more to form a bigger donut your cat can jump into.

 SAVE YOUR FURNITURE: The Catcordion™ is the perfect cat scratcher which helps keep your kitty's claws in tip-top shape and keeps them healthy. What's best is that the Catcordion™ saves your furniture from harm and scratches even when you're away!

 SO MANY DIFFERENT WAYS TO PLAY: Connect the Catcordion™ to form a flexible donut which can also be inverted and stretched to create different shapes. With its multiple styles, your cat will never be bored with the Catcordion™.

 HIGH QUALITY, DURABLE & SAFE: The Catcordion™ is made of durable uniquely engineered cardboard construction that can resist endless scratching (even with claws) and reshaping. Save money from buying toys or scratchers every few weeks. The Catcordion™ is built to last from your cat's daily play.  

 There's a good reason the Catcordion™ has gotten more than 10 million views on TikTok to date! From having multiple ways to keep your cats entertained, functioning as your cat's mood improver, and even improving their sleep, cat owners have reaped the benefits of this innovative pet toy and scratcher.

✅ The Catcordion™ is developed to keep your cats busy, entertained, and from causing damage to furniture, tables, or even walls. Acknowledge your cat’s scratching instincts and provide a holistic environment with the Catcordion™. Keep your cats entertained for hours, improving their mood, and promoting a better night routine to keep them healthy.

Simple & Easy To Set Up!

GET 2+ CATCORDIONS and easily connect the magnetic ends to form an even MORE SPACIOUS donut your cat can JUMP INTO! 

 Endless entertainment for cats. Get the Catcordion™ now.

Here's What Other Cat Owners Have To Say

A Must-Have for Every Cat Owner!

The Catcordion™ is a hit with my cat! It's like a magic toy that never gets old. She stretches it, twists it, and plays for hours. Plus, no more scratched furniture. A must-buy!

Amanda R. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐(Highly Recommend)

Hours of Feline Fun!

My cat's new obsession is the Catcordion™. It's simple yet genius. She plays nonstop, and my furniture is saved. Best purchase for any cat owner! Give a spritz of catnip spray on this and your cat will go wild. 

Rosanna J. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐(Highly Recommend)

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Customer Reviews

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Deborah Bauch

Nothing to say, barely placed on the ground, my cat spent a good quarter of an hour there, and returned there during the day, I think I can say that it is validated

Bobby Hansen

My cat love it. 🥰😍

Dessie Koss


Tyshawn Towne


Giles Blick

Well, received!