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Doggo Splash Pad

Doggo Splash Pad

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Beat the Summer Heat with the Doggo Splash Pad!

The perfect summer gift for pets, this Doggo Splash Pad keeps dogs entertained and cool with fun fountain effects. Ideal for energetic play and refreshing dips, it’s the ultimate hot-weather solution.

Here's Why You NEED This!

  • Perfect for Dogs (and Kids): A fun and refreshing alternative to traditional swimming pools, with engaging water streams for dogs and kids.
  • Easy Setup and Storage: Plug into any garden hose or PVC tubing for instant water fun. Adjust water pressure to control stream height. After playtime, drain, wash, and hang it to dry.
  • Adjustable Water Pressure: Easily customize the water flow for different play styles.
  • Lightweight and Portable: Folds compactly for easy storage and transport, so you can bring the fun anywhere.
  • Safe and Durable: Made from BPA-free, non-slip PVC material with reinforced edges for durability, ensuring safe play for your pets.

Sprinkler Pad

What Size is Perfect For Me?

  • Small (39-inch / 100x100cm): Great for multiple small dogs or pets.
  • Medium (59-inch / 150x150cm): Ideal for one large dog or several medium-sized pets.
  • Large (67-inch / 170x170cm): Accommodates multiple large dogs or pets.

Safety Note: For best results, trim your dog's nails before use to avoid damaging the pad. Adjust water pressure to control spray height and direction for a fun-filled experience!

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Customer Reviews

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Fannie Sipes


Dameon Zulauf

Loved the pool, sturdy and pretty cool! My American loved😍😍😍

Dennis Koelpin

Great product!! Is as per the description in the ad!!

Maureen VonRueden

All good

Manley Blick

Excellent! I recommend!