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Everlasting Paw Print Pads

Everlasting Paw Print Pads

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Create an Everlasting Memory!

We all wish our Furbabies can live forever and have a perfect life but sadly they cross the rainbow when we least expect it. Keep your dog close to your heart with an Everlasting Paw Print. 

Simple & Easy To Use! 

We all hate dealing with messy products, but luckily this Everlasting Paw Print has ZERO mess and no ink that will get on your furbabies paw which helps create a fast & clean  EVERLASTING paw print.

Simply remove everything from the packaging and place on a table or the floor. Place the clean-touch ink pad , ink side down on the included white, imprint card and create that Everlasting Paw Print!

No Mess & No Stress

Capture and cherish your furry buddy’s pawprints forever with an Everlasting Paw Print. Creating a memorable piece of art with your furry friend is so much easier than you ever thought!  

You will get to create something you can hold dear to your heart for a lifetime, our pets are without a doubt the most loving things in this world and sadly it comes a time they must go, grab our Everlasting Paw Print before its too late!

✓ 100% Safe to Your Pet's Skin.

 Create a variety of Purr-fect art projects

✓ No mess/ No stress

 Best way to capture special memories (For that new puppy or adopted dog you just got)

 Creates a paw print that you NEED before your pet crosses the rainbow

*Due to High demand our Everlasting Paw Print is running low on stock, grab yours now before its too late!

How To Use?

Step 1

Everything should be taken out of the packaging and placed on a hard surface like a book, table or hardwood floor. Place the stamp pad's ink-side down over the white imprint card provided in the package.

Step 2

Gently place your pet's paw on the stamp pad. Press your pet's toes gently using your fingers to create the print.

Step 3

Remove the stamp pad gradually once the print has been transferred to the imprint card.

Step 4

Allow it to dry for 24 to 48 hours, this keepsake is ideal for preserving your pet's paw as a precious memory!

Here's What Other Dog Owners Have To Say. 

"After rescuing My 13 year old GSD from a Puppy Mill she was just diagnosed on Monday with an aggressive bone cancer in her upper shoulder and as we don't have much time left with her. She is unable to put much pressure down on her paw and this was so simple and painless for her. It worked perfect!"

Roslyn Byrd 5/5 Florida (Highly Recommend)

"My dog passed away earlier this year. I ordered this kit not knowing how long she had left. It is the easiest kit to use. The print was great and we did not have to put much pressure on Snow's paw. We were able to get 4 set paws or two sets of paws. If you need more prints, I suggest getting another package. Thank you for the fast delivery and amazing easy prints of Snow. Perfect for memories and I'm so happy I got this before Snow crossed the rainbow, now I have an everlasting paw print I can cherish forever"

Antholyn Morrison 5/5 Miami (Highly Recommend)

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Everlasting Paw Print Pads

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Everlasting Paw Print Pads

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