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Natural Cat Grass

Natural Cat Grass

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Certified Organic Cat Grass 

The perfect solution for indoor wellness and healthy digestion for your feline companion.

Indoor Wellness: We understand that indoor cats often seek greens by nibbling on houseplants. Our Organic Cat Grass provides a safe and enriching alternative, satisfying their natural cravings.

Healthy Digestion: Give your cat the gift of optimal wellness with our fresh and gentle green fiber. This nutrient-rich grass supports healthy digestion, acting as a natural hairball treat to keep your cat's tummy happy.

Nutrient-Rich Superfood: Our all-natural, organic Cat Grass is a powerhouse of essential nutrients. Packed with chlorophyll, vitamins, minerals, protein, and antioxidants, it promotes overall well-being for your furry friend.

Why do cats eat grass?

While dogs are considered omnivores and cats are carnivores, both can digest and benefit from plants. In the wild, dogs and cats would consume greens when hunting grass-eating prey. However, domesticated diets often lack this green nutrition. Introducing organic grass into your pet's diet can improve their overall health and vitality.

Easy Cat Grass Care & Play Tips - No Green Thumb Required!

  1. Open the bag and carefully fold or cut off the edge. The bag itself serves as the container, so please do not discard it.

  2. Add 200ml of water to soak the paper within the bag.

  3. Place the bag in a well-ventilated area and allow it to bask in the sun for a while.

  4. Avoid overwatering. Only water the grass when the upper part of the paper starts to dry out.

  5. After 5-7 days, harvest your luscious cat grass and watch your feline friend delight in the freshness.

One pack of our cat grass can be harvested 2-3 times, ensuring a continuous supply of nourishment and entertainment for your beloved pet.

Choose our Certified Organic Cat Grass for a simple and convenient way to enhance your cat's well-being. Provide them with the natural greens they crave and promote a healthier lifestyle. With our easy care tips, you'll enjoy the benefits of happy and contented cats.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Tyree Hoppe

Very cute, good material and comes with many seeds to start immediately

Kailee Blick

It is small but it fulfills its function and is beautiful. Easy to use, the grass grows fast. The problem is that the seeds are left out, completely loose, so my cat cannot stretch and break the leaf to eat it well, but takes the plant out from the root, and leaves her lying on the ground as she is unable to break it. Would be perfect if the seeds were somehow strained, so that you could break the leaf without extracting the seed and root.

Pansy Conn

seeds work great thanks seller <3

Santina Howell

Very nice, seems of good quality
Going to try it out and wait

Donna Armstrong

Super well packed with anti-shock plastic cover, exactly like the picture, arrived quickly, I'm already using it.