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Pet Toothbrush

Pet Toothbrush

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Elevate Your Pet's Dental Care with Ease

Ensure your furry friend's oral health with our innovative pet toothbrush set. It's not just about teeth; it's about holistic mouth care. Each toothbrush is thoughtfully designed for a thorough clean, catering to different aspects of your pet's oral hygiene.

Comprehensive Mouth Care

One toothbrush is equipped with dense bristles on one side and raised points on the other, effectively removing tartar and residue from teeth and crevices. The other features a unique head with thread turns, dedicated to cleaning the tongue and mouth walls, leaving no area untouched. Say goodbye to worries about your cat's black chin - our toothbrush has got it covered.

Handy To Carry


Double-sided toothbrush

The brush teeth are soft and do not hurt the pet's teeth, and the brush surface is small enough to cover the pet's teeth without causing panic.


Tongue Brush

The ring-shaped projection increases the contact surface between the toothbrush and the mouth, so it is recommended to clean the tongue and mouth wall after cleaning the teeth.


Portable Storage Cup

The interior of the storage cup is designed to accommodate the base of the toothbrush, and the bottom of the toothbrush cup has drainage holes so that the toothbrush can dry quickly after use.


Quick Clean

The toothbrush cup can be disassembled and water poured into it to quickly remove the foam after brushing your pet's teeth.

Designed with Pets in Mind Inspired by baby toothbrushes, our pet toothbrush boasts an easy-to-grip silicone handle. Unlike traditional finger brushes, this design allows you to control brushing strength and angle with ease. Entirely crafted from silicone, it eliminates the risk of hard bristles and dropped scum, providing a gentle brushing experience for your beloved pet.

Perfectly Fitted Brushing Head Experience precision with a brush head measuring just 1.5cm / 0.6 inches. It covers every tooth of cats, small, and medium-sized dogs comprehensively. The included portable toothbrush case ensures hygiene and convenience on the go, preventing dust from settling onto the brush.

Effortless Cleaning & Storage Our silicone-based toothbrushes are not only safe for animals but also easy to clean. A simple rinse or dishwasher cycle will do the trick. After cleaning, store them in the matching toothbrush case to ensure they are always within reach.

Daily Care for Lasting Health The gentle silicone bristles effectively combat plaque and tartar while being kind to sensitive pets. The compact size of the toothbrush enhances acceptance, making dental care a breeze for your furry companion. Prioritize your pet's cleaning needs to enhance their teeth, gums, mouth, and overall breath.


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Marcos Brekke

I love it so much

Lonnie Lowe

Arrived quickly in perfect condition in your own case

Kamren Boyer


Zander Friesen

Great. Thank you. :)

Hillary Reynolds

Very helpful with my pet and good quality.